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Illustrated online essay about my science paintings (Earth, Mass-Energy, Wave etc.) at https://exhibitionsuggestions.wordpress.com/art-and-science/

Glasgow 2018: RE SEARCH exhibtion at the Briggait
Brochures (both PDF):

Print brochure
Online brochure

PDF of handout at RE SEARCH exhibition: Understanding Science through paint

PDF of catalogue of Approaches to Abstraction (text by Phillip Lindley), Wolfson college, 2019: Jonathan Meuli: Approaches to Abstraction

You can obtain a print copy of the catalogue from 756press.com


Shadow House: Interpretations of Northwest Coast Art. Harwood Academic Publishers / Routledge. November 2000. (a re-written version of my PhD thesis: click here to see Shadow House on Google Books)

‘How Traditional is a Chainsaw? Cutting a new path through forests of prejudice’. In: Critical Studies and Modern Art: Teachers, Artists, Galleries and Exhibitions, ed. Liz Dawtrey, Open University and Yale University Press (1996).

‘Our originality – their tradition: writing about non-Western art forms’. In: The Culture of Craft, ed. Peter Dormer. Manchester: Manchester University Press (1997).

‘ “The bot anD the myc”: making and theorising in contemporary crafts’ In: Ideas in the Making: Practice in Theory ed. Pamela Johnson. London: Crafts Council (1998)

book and exhibition reviews
‘Manhattan Transfer’ Crafts no. 133, March/April 1995: pp.40-43.
Raw Creation by John Maizels, (Phaidon, 1996): Crafts no. 144, Jan/Feb 1997:
pp. 60-61
Maori Art and Culture ed. D. C. Starzecka, British Museum Press, 1996: Crafts

Other book and exhibition reviews have been published by Crafts, the Times Literary Supplement, and by the CAA (online).

unpublished conference papers
‘Inscriptions in Snow and Stone: the ethnic landscaping of Andy Goldsworthy’s Sheepfolds and Touching North’. For ‘Sculpture and the Garden’ organised by the Henry Moore Institute, held at Bretton Hall, Yorkshire, in summer 1998.

‘Combs and Smoke: the relationships between objects, texts, and myths’. For Conference on Northwest Coast at the British Museum, May 18-20, 2000.

collaborative projects
A survey of 135 art libraries in the UK, the USA and Canada, to document interest in non-Western art: including holdings, acquisition policies, cataloguing practice, use of authorities & subject descriptors, users, sources of material, etc. Statistical analysis of results published by R. Coombes (‘Relative Values: the words about non-Western art’ in Art Libraries Journal, 20 (3) (1995): pp. 19-26). Further commentary by JM in one chapter of PhD thesis.