RE:SEARCH at the Glasgow Science Festival 2018

6th June to 6th July 2018

RE:SEARCH – a conversation between Art and Science is an exhibition by painters Jonathan Meuli and John Robertson and ceramicist Jonathan Wade. All three artists are near neighbours in the WASPS Hanson Street Studios in Glasgow. The show will run in two Wasps gallery venues: The Briggait, (141 Bridgegate, Glasgow G1 5HZ) and South Block, (60-64 Osborne Street, Glasgow G1 5QH). During the Science Festival there will be a complementary series of events – a play workshop, and talks and discussion sessions featuring contributions by the artists and by Professors Paul Soler and Aidan Robson of the University of Glasgow and CERN.

Full details are at the Glasgow Science Festival website where you can also book (all events are free).

You can click here to download the RE SEARCH web brochure and events list

I think it will be a really interesting show. John Robertson has produced some magnificent large scale works in acrylic: highly expressive motifs and gestures are thrown down onto the paper or board and almost endlessly repeated and varied, but always retain their shape. They represent Energy itself – in different states – and also the attempts of the artist to locate himself as viewer of what he himself is performing (and so cannot view?).

Jonathan Wade is also producing new large scale ceramic pieces specifically for the show – investigating deep texture, materiality on this and other worlds, and  ideas of permanence, transience, coincidence and intervention. The arrival of an exploratory space mission on Comet Comet 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko becomes, for this show, a respository of symbolic meaning about the interaction of the natural and the created.

Jonathan Meuli has been working for the last four years on large abstract pieces which have a metaphorical connection with contemporary scientific research. His latest piece, The Great Wave, 3 was finished in April. None of his pieces in this exhibition have been shown before.

Click here to read a longer essay on Art and Science in relation to Jonathan Meuli’s painting and see some more images