Icons for Atheists

An exhibition at Loughborough University in the summer of 2019.

From the University website’s events page:

Jonathan Meuli’s artwork, Icons for Atheists, is currently on display at the Martin Hall Exhibition Space.

The Glasgow-based painter has produced ten new works – created specifically for this exhibition – that combine geometrical and expressive abstraction. The theme was sparked by a friend’s comment on a piece of work in the painter’s studio that it looked like “an icon for atheists”.

Professor Phillip Lindley from the School of Design and Creative Arts, who organised the exhibition, said: “Jonathan Meuli paints enormously colourful and vibrant abstract oil paintings. They combine a tension between order and chaos.

“He intends them to stimulate the viewer’s reflection and contemplation free of any religious or doctrinal systems.”

Images of the paintings: here

Installation shots courtesy of Loughborough University